Absolventii liceului CD Loga Timisoara 1978

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Original Title: The Hurricane Express

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller
































When his father is killed in a train wreck, Larry Baker vows to unmask a mysterious criminal called "The Wrecker," who has targeted the L&M Railroad for deadly" accidents."
The Wrecker wrecks trains on the L & R Railroad. One of his victims is Larry Baker's father. Baker wants to find the evildoer, among a host of suspects, but it will be difficult since the Wrecker can disguise himself to look like almost anyone.
I own and have watched the Alpha Video feature version of the serial. The problem with feature versions of serials is that they leave out so much; a lot of them jump too fast leaving out details behind certain dialog or sequences, which makes them hard to follow; or else the back and forth nature of the action seems pointless and tedious. There are many, many examples of this such as "Planet Outlaws" the feature version of "Buck Rogers" (1939) "The Phantom Empire," (1935) "Dick Tracy Vs. Crime Inc." (1941) among many.

The exceptions are "Rocketship" (1936) the excellent shortened first "Flash Gordon" serial and "The Lost Jungle" (1934), which is actually a real improvement over and practically a different film from the serial it came from.

This one, however, is in the category of something you watch while you're doing something else. Although John Wayne has a few good lines, and seems to do a lot of the action stunts himself, the feature version really points up the weak nature of the story. The bad guys (including the underutilized Charles King) seem to want to spend all their time trying to recover some gold stolen from a train, the Hurricane Express.

Watching this you think, don't these evil villains have anything better (or since they are villains, worse) to do? Well, while watching it, you realize that you do, but you may not have anything else planned. So let me give you some tips for things you could be doing while playing this video: Organize all the clothes in your closet. Go thru the week's mail and throw away the junk. Delete unnecessary e-mails. Pay your bills. Organize your video collection-- I do mine chronologically, but maybe you do yours alphabetically. File important papers. Lie on your bed and read something while you listen to the movie.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be able to think of something worthwhile to do while watching this version of "The Hurricane Express." . . . everyone seems to be wearing masks of everyone else's faces. It's like these 1930s people traveled in time to view FACE\OFF and POINT BREAK, and then returned with a Biotech 3D printer. One guy impersonates half a dozen short, medium, and tall dudes varying by at least a foot in height. (Evidently, folks were easily-fooled simpletons back then, which is why their Depression was so Great.) These 1930s dandies also were very Wishy-Washy, never sticking to their original choice of transportation. A guy with train tickets suddenly climbs up a rope ladder into a plane; three people already IN a plane decide to jump out and walk; another joker is out for a joy-ride in his car, before he just sends it careening along--driver-less, at full speed--in order to hop a train (leaving the empty Packard to fend for itself). A little later the same clown repeats this shenanigan with a motorcycle. With John Wayne in the cast here, I was waiting for him to hop out of a plane on horseback, but no such luck. Based on this 79-minute "feature condensation," I see no reason to plod along for three more hours on the HURRICANE EXPRESS.


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