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Original Title: Headhunter

Genge: Action,Drama,Mystery

































Jack Wade wakes up in a hospital and finds that his Headhunter license has been revoked, and that he must re-earn it by taking part in virtual-reality tests and capture some of the most dangerous criminals in the city.
Jack Wade escapes from the Biotech lab after they were doing some experiments on him. Upon escaping, Jack became unconscious in the alley for over a week and finds himself in a hospital. When Jack watches the TV with the ABCBS news, he hears that Christopher Stern was buried at the funeral. Later, Angela Stern came to the hospital and hires Jack as a Headhunter to find the person who is responsible for the murder of her father, Christopher Stern.
This was one of the last games on the Dreamcast in Europe and it turned out to be an exclusive. The graphics are great apart from a few glitches here and there. The motorbike riding is fantastic, it feels like you are playing a biker simulation. The story is really good, almost 'film' like and the top sounds just add to this feeling.

There are a few down-sides: the camera sometimes has no clue what it's doing, the shooting is sometimes hard because it auto-aims towards a barrel or something at an important moment and the biking can be a bit annoying when you almost reach 500 points and you crash into a tree knocking you down to 450... Then again, maybe thats just me being bitter -hehe-.

PICK THIS GAME UP FOR THE DREAMCAST... you won't regret it. When reading a review from another user, saying that it's a terrible game, I could not stand idle and do nothing!

Well, this game is great, from the news clips (with two real persons, full of humour sense and credibility!), to the story, I find it very good! I only complain about the enemies start blinking when they die, until they disappear; and some frustrating situations on the LEILA VR missions, when riding the bike, here and there...

Except that, it's a great game, with a great story, good graphics, excellent characters, great soundtrack... I recommend it! Surely! It can be a bit old, but still enjoyable! At least, on the Dreamcast... but the PS2 version shall be the same.


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